screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-3-27-12-pm…FATHER, remind me of the subtleness of my flesh (“…flesh [the entire nature of man without the Holy Spirit]…”) (Rom 8:3 AMP). Not only do the evil desires of my flesh need to be pushed down and subdued, but also the good desires of my flesh need to be kept from becoming active. The flesh can be nasty or righteous (ref# 33, p112).

My flesh has the potential to accomplish many and diverse Christian activities—amazingly loving acts (ref#33, p112)—at least I think they’re amazing. I am able to achieve many good deeds by my fleshly self-righteousness.

The wisdom flowing from my fleshly mind can engage in Biblical counseling, perform a myriad of Christian service projects, or even write what I’m writing right now–without any need to be absolutely dependent on the HOLY SPIRIT. Flesh is amazingly self-confident. “The old creation is willing to do anything—even submit to God—if only it is permitted to live and be active” (ref#33, p114)!

I have to watch for the appearance of pride. FATHER, send Your SPIRIT to alert me when I’m about to do good in my fleshly strength; help me distinguish the difference between actions of my flesh and the good that flows out of a new life in CHRIST.

“It is my self who can perform and does perform good without the need of trusting in the Holy Spirit, without the necessity of being humble, of waiting on God, or of praying to God” Watchman Nee (ref#33, p113).

My human nature guides spur-of-the-moment, easy acts of righteousness. So a spirit-check is needed constantly. Do I plan and arrange more than I pray? Do I need to know answers immediately? In desperate situations do I fly instantly to You or try to think things through? Do I ever really have a sense of utter dependency? Do I do what seems best to me and forget to ask Your will?

FATHER, make me super-sensitive to the actions of my flesh so I might reject them. Guide me down the path You have for me.

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