Prayer Facts:

“God has spoken to us, let us speak to God—either to set our seal that God is true and faithful to His promise, or to confess the sin of which the Spirit of God has convinced us, or to acknowledge the mercy which God’s providence has given, or to express assent to the great truths which God the Holy Ghost has opened to our understanding” Charles Spurgeon (ref#34, Feb 5th PM).


Reasons for Waiting for GOD:

Because You are an all-wise, all-powerful, and ever-present GOD (Jer 42:11), I will wait for You.

Because riches and honor are with You, as well as enduring wealth and righteousness (Prov 8:18), I will wait for You.

Because there is nothing too hard for You (Jer 32:27), I will wait for You.

Because You broke my yoke and burst my bonds so that I might serve You (Jer 2:20), I will wait for You.

Because You see my afflictions and hear my cry, knowing well my sorrows, sufferings, and trials (Ex 3:7), I will wait for You.

Because Your eyes are open and Your ears attentive to prayer (2 Chron 7:15), I will wait for You.

Because by Your invitation I can inquire of You (Isa 65:10), I will wait for You.


Read Through the Bible in a Year: January 8th – 14th:

Jan 8    Gen 20-22; Luke 6

Jan 9    Gen 23-24; Luke 7

Jan 10  Gen 25-26; Luke 8

Jan 11  Gen 27-28; Luke 9

Jan 12  Gen 29-30; Ps 4

Jan 13  Gen 31-33; Luke 10

Jan 14  Gen 34-36; Luke 11