Read Through the Bible in a Year: January 1st – 7th:

Jan 1    Gen 1,2; Luke 1

Jan 2    Gen 3-5; Luke 2

Jan 3    Gen 6-8; Ps 1

Jan 4    Gen 9-11; Luke 3

Jan 5    Gen 12-14; Luke 4

Jan 6    Gen 15-17; Luke 5

Jan 7    Gen 18,19; Ps 2

Prayer Facts:

“It is not enough to remember [who God is and what His promises are]; we must hear it again. Prayer is the act in which we hear it again. It is not enough to carry memory verses around with us; we need daily encounter with the resonant voice of God. Prayer is that encounter. Situations change. Does God change? We pray. We listen. God speaks his word again—the same word!—and we are restored and renewed in our commitment….Resolve is essential but not enough. In prayer God provides renewal. Prayer is not so much the place where we learn something new, but where God confirms anew the faith to which we are committed” Eugene Peterson (ref#144, loc 1298-1311).


Reasons for Waiting for GOD:

Because You plant eternity in my heart—a sense of purpose which nothing under the sun but You can satisfy (Eccl 3:11), I will wait for You.

Because my blood is costly in CHRIST’s sight and because He has pity on me (Ps 72:13-14), I will wait for You.

Because You confirm and make me steadfast and established and endue me with the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT (2 Cor 1:21), I will wait for You.

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life (Ps 63:3), I will wait for You.