screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-40-00-am…FATHER, I thank You that You have caused me to believe so I am united to CHRIST in You, by the SPIRIT. But, my heart is not content to let just our union be the extent of my involvement. My heart longs for fellowship—You and I giving and receiving affections, delight, satisfaction… I don’t want to merely be a recipient of Your gifts, I want to interact with You (ref#35, p21).

And, not only this, LORD, but I want to be personal and emotional with You in every essence of Your Person so that I find obedience to You an honor (ref#35, p22).

“Christian obedience was of utmost importance, but it was always understood to flow out of this union and never seen as the ground for it” John Owen (ref#35, p22).

O LORD, such a desire I have to revel in the work I do because it pleases You. I want to experience Your consenting presence continually. Send Your SPIRIT to me so He might make me sensitive to when I revert back to making decisions on my own. Yes, I want my obedience to flow out of our communion. Never do I want to perform tasks to get me into communion with You. Oh, to understand and walk according to Your unilateral giving so that I am never inclined to impress You.

“We pay no attention to our own lives or the new image which we bear,…it is only to serve as a mirror for the image of Christ on whom our gaze is fixed” Dietrich Bonhoeffer (ref#10, p304).

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