…FATHER, there is no GOD like You in heaven above or on the earth beneath keeping covenant and showing steadfast love to Your servants who walk before You with all their heart (1 Kings 8:23). I pray Your eyes be open day and night looking toward me to listen to my cry (2 Chron 6:19-20).

You have promised relief for me from the hardships caused by my sin if I turn to You in humility and prayer (ref#56, p606, [2 Chron 7:14]). So, act and judge me, condemn me if I am guilty by bringing my conduct on my own head; but vindicate me if I’m righteous by rewarding me according to my righteousness (1 Kings 8:32).

If I pray and acknowledge Your name and turn from my sin when You afflict me, then hear in heaven and forgive my sin (1 Kings 8:35-36). Listen to my pleas and when You hear, forgive (1 Kings 8:30).

Whatever plague, whatever sickness, whatever prayer, whatever plea I make, knowing the affliction of my own heart, hear in heaven and forgive and act and render to me according to all my ways. (1 Kings 8:37-39). Act on my behalf, so I might fear You all the days I live (1 Kings 8:40).

When I sin against You and You are angry and give me to an enemy, remember to maintain my cause and forgive me when I turn my heart and repent saying, “I have sinned and have acted perversely and wickedly” (1 Kings 8:45-47).

Forgive all my transgressions that I have committed against You; grant me compassion in the sight of my enemies, that they may have pity and be merciful to me (I Kings 8:50).

Let Your eyes be open to my pleas giving ear to them whenever I call to You, for You have separated me from the peoples of the earth to be Your heir (1 Kings 8:52-53).

Do not leave me or forsake me that I might incline my heart to You, to walk in all Your ways and to keep Your commandments—Your statutes—Your rules (1 Kings 8:57-58). Maintain my cause as each day requires that the whole earth may know that You are the LORD GOD and there is no other (1 Kings 8:59-60). And so, let my heart therefore be wholly true to You (1 Kings 8:61).