Chord Progression  (Am  Dm  Am  F)  (G7  C  E7  Am)


I will make a joyful noise to You, GOD—

sing the glory of Your name—

give You glorious praise!

say, “How awesome are Your deeds” (Ps 66:1-3).


Great is Your power;

all the earth worships You;

they sing praises to You;

we all sing praises to Your name (Ps 66:3-4).


I see what You have done;

You are splendid in Your deeds;

You rule by Your might forever—

keeping watch on the nations (Ps 66:5,7).


Though You have tested me and tried me—

bringing me into Your net—

laying afflictions on my back—yet…

You have brought me out to a place of abundance (Ps 66:10-12).


I shall bless You—

letting the sound of my praise be heard.

Come and hear, all You who fear GOD,

and I will tell You what He has done for me (Ps 66:8,16).


If I had cherished iniquity in my heart,

You LORD, would not have listened.

But, truly You have listened;

You have given heed to the voice of my prayer (Ps 66:18-19).


I cry aloud to You,

high praise is on my tongue.

Blessed be my GOD—

He has not removed His steadfast love from me (Ps 66:17, 20)!