In order to go I need to stop.  On Your path, FATHER, there is no such thing as moving ahead on auto pilot.

“Prayer is the solace of the soul…we can not be said to wait upon God without prayer; for prayer is the fixing of the eye, the outgoing of the heart, the breathing of the spirit, the cry of the soul” James Smith (ref#303).

The hard part about being obedient to You is waiting for Your instructions.  Not only do You require I give You a piece of my precious 24 hours, but I must clean out all thoughts in my head that are self-centered.

I must resign to give up all I’m doing or want to do selfishly.  HOLY FATHER, You will only talk to a holy vessel.  CHRIST and the SPIRIT make possible my holiness.  I thank them for their help.

Waiting empty and clean propels me into worship.  Reflecting on what You have done for me—reflecting on Who You are…

“…the natural reason to praise God is for what he has done for me.  This is okay, but doesn’t go far enough….God deserves praise simply because he is God.  The…focal point for our thoughts is not our deep longings but…is…the immeasurably great ‘God of glory’ (Acts 7:2)” Edward T. Welch (ref#106, p154).

So, FATHER, aid me that I might wait for You, draw me into worship instead of work.  Worshipping births no specific instructions for the day, but produces a new character in me that is ready to follow You in obedience each moment.  How I love to be in Your presence.  What work?  I just want to be where You are.

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