[“Blessed are those who mourn…” (Matt 5:4 NASB). We know people who are grieving; let’s pray for them. Fill the name in the blanks to this prayer.]


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.32.39 PM“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever” (Heb 13:8 NASB).

FATHER, cause ____ never to lose sight of this fact—during grief, there are two things (he/she) can be sure of. One, (his/her) emotions will change. And, two, You won’t (ref#136, p18).

LONGSUFFERING COMFORTER, keep me from saying to ____ something like—“Just hold on GOD will get you through.” I know that is true and (he/she) knows that is true but the experience of it is not there yet. Your comfort does not take away the ache, but FATHER, I pray for ____ to feel Your support in the middle of (his/her) suffering (ref#136, session 1, p2).

And, LORD, urge me to be a sympathetic friend who comes close to understanding the depth of (his/her) grief. Keep me from suggesting (he/she) move faster than (he/she) is going in (his/her) walk of sorrow. (His/Her) one loss brings layer upon layer of losses that (he/she) must acknowledge to (himself/herself) and mourn (ref#136, session 1, p8).

Remind me of some examples of possible losses that I may long suffer with (him/her): “job, home, possession, relationships, companion, confidant, lover, source of laughter, cuddler, cook, mechanic, gardener, shoulder to cry on, walking partner” Church Initiative (ref#136, session 1, p 8). Grief affects every aspect of (his/her) life (ref#136, p19).



[“Blessed are those who mourn…” (Matt 5:4 NASB). We know people who are grieving; let’s pray for them. Fill the name in the blanks to this prayer.]


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.48.20 AM“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance” (Eccl 3:1,4 ESV).

FATHER, I pray for ____; this is (his/her) time for weeping and mourning. Remind me to persevere in prayer in (his/her) stead since (him/her) time in this state may be unending or seem to be.

Push ____ to accept (his/her) loved one’s death. Aid (him/her) to begin moving in a healing way. Stir (him/her) to release (his/her) emotions. Motivate (him/her) to keep a record and prize the good memories of (his/her) loved one. Propel (him/her) to remake (his/her) identity—to reinvest in life (ref#136, p14).

Steel (him/her), LORD, when the bereaving process goes on longer than (he/she) thinks possible (ref#136, p31). And, through its length, do not allow satan to deceive (him/her) into using the pain as an excuse to sin (ref#136, p32). I pray that ____ fight temptation the way CHRIST did when He was tempted in the wilderness. FATHER, keep pushing ____’s thoughts back on You. Hope is found only in You. You will heal ____’s broken heart and bind up (his/her) wounds (Ps 147:3).



[“Blessed are those who mourn…” (Matt 5:4 NASB).  We know people who are grieving; let’s pray for them.  Fill he name in the blanks to this prayer.]


Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 3.32.11 PM“God does give us something worth trusting in tough times.  And that’s Him, and Him alone” Dr. Joseph Stowell (ref#136, session 1, p4).

FATHER, ____ may be feeling the pain of grief pressing in on all sides. CHRIST has experienced those moments—making even breathing difficult by the mere force of such overwhelming sadness (ref#136, session 1, p6). COMPASSIONATE FATHER, lift ____ into Your arms, comfort (him/her) with Your presence. CHRIST, allow (him/her) to feel Your presence.

Give ____ enough impetus to move into the presence of Your peace. FATHER, You are peace Yourself and are able to give peace at all times and in every way (2 Thes 3:16). Even though ____ may be overcome with emotions of grief, direct (him/her) always back to You, the Source of Peace (ref#136, session 1, p7).



[“Blessed are those who mourn…” (Matt 5:4 NASB). We know people who are grieving; let’s pray for them. Fill the name in the blanks to this prayer.]


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.02.58 PMJESUS wept at the tomb of His friend, Lazarus (John 11:35). When He heard about the death of his cousin, John the Baptist, He withdrew and traveled by boat to a desolate place (Matt 14:13).

FATHER, as Your SON, ____ is in a similar situation. Help (him/her) along in the same way You ministered to JESUS.

____’s soul is bereft of peace and (he/she) has forgotten what happiness is (Lam 3:17). Keep (him/her); remember (his/her) affliction (Lam 3:19). You are (his/her) portion, give (him/her) a hope in You (Lam 3:24). May (he/she) wait quietly for You (Lam 3:26), for Your steadfast love never ceases, Your mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning (Lam 3:22-23).

FATHER, though You cause grief You also have compassion according to the abundance of Your steadfast love (Lam 3:32). Give ____ the measure of faith to understand You do not willingly afflict or grieve.

You are a GOD of all comfort, empower ____ with the ability to take refuge in You (Ps 71:1). Be to (him/her) a rock and fortress (Ps 71:3). You have made (him/her) see calamities but You will revive (him/her) again. From the depths of the earth You will bring (him/her) up again (Ps 71:20). You will comfort (him/her) and (he/she) will again praise You for Your faithfulness (Ps 71:21-22).

You are the FATHER of mercies and You will comfort ____ in (his/her) affliction so that (he/she) will, in Your time, be able to turn and comfort others with the comfort which (he/she) was comforted by You (2 Cor 1:3-4). Uphold ____ until You make it possible for (him/her) to again praise You (Ps 71:22).



[“Blessed are those who mourn…” (Matt 5:4 NASB). We know people who are grieving; let’s pray for them. Fill the name in the blanks in this prayer.]

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.10.48 PM“…they who bore the yoke and drank the cup

in fadeless glory shall the Lord raise up.

God’s word is ever good; His will is best: –

The yoke, the heart all broken–and then rest” Claudius L. Chilton (ref#64, p47).

FATHER, may ____ in (his/her) helpless state put (his/her) trust in You. You see (his/her) grief (Ps 10:14). As a victim, push (him/her) to commit (himself/herself) to You.

“Grief is a God given emotion that processes sorrow related to a loss” Boyd Bailey (ref#129). I pray against ____ becoming stuck in sorrow. Empower (him/her) to seine out benefit from (his/her) sorrow.

Call ____ to embrace (his/her) sorrow and not listen to others who advice (him/her) to move on. Grieving is a natural time to slow down and meditate on what really matters. “Sorrow seeks out a Savior” (ref#129).

FATHER, turn ____’s mourning into more trust in CHRIST. Only CHRIST is able to restore joy and hope. “What anguish empties, faith fills….Grief needs God” (ref#129). Anguish empties a heart, but faith fills it with hope.