[“Blessed are those who mourn…” (Matt 5:4 NASB). We know people who are grieving; let’s pray for them. Fill the name in the blanks in this prayer.]

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.10.48 PM“…they who bore the yoke and drank the cup

in fadeless glory shall the Lord raise up.

God’s word is ever good; His will is best: –

The yoke, the heart all broken–and then rest” Claudius L. Chilton (ref#64, p47).

FATHER, may ____ in (his/her) helpless state put (his/her) trust in You. You see (his/her) grief (Ps 10:14). As a victim, push (him/her) to commit (himself/herself) to You.

“Grief is a God given emotion that processes sorrow related to a loss” Boyd Bailey (ref#129). I pray against ____ becoming stuck in sorrow. Empower (him/her) to seine out benefit from (his/her) sorrow.

Call ____ to embrace (his/her) sorrow and not listen to others who advice (him/her) to move on. Grieving is a natural time to slow down and meditate on what really matters. “Sorrow seeks out a Savior” (ref#129).

FATHER, turn ____’s mourning into more trust in CHRIST. Only CHRIST is able to restore joy and hope. “What anguish empties, faith fills….Grief needs God” (ref#129). Anguish empties a heart, but faith fills it with hope.

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