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[We all have friends and family that sit in our churches but only act like they are Christians.  It is up to us to pray for their salvation.  Here’s an opportunity to pray for them.  Fill their name in the blanks.]

FATHER, I think of Your nation Israel, at the time Ezra came to Jerusalem and found that the people had intermarried with the peoples of nearby lands (Ezra 9:2). In a manner of months they sent back home these foreign wives and their children (Ezra 10:3). LORD, this story certainly proves how powerful Your SPIRIT is as He enabled them to send away their family!

SPIRIT, the FATHER gives You to us powerfully. Comfort from the words and promises of CHRIST can sometimes break in through all opposition into the saddest and darkest condition imaginable just as was the case recorded in Ezra (ref#35, p375).

The FATHER also gives You to us freely. BOUNDLESS SPIRIT, You have freedom in Your operation meaning You can come as the Comforter unexpectedly (ref#35, p376).

SPIRIT-GIVING FATHER, I stand on the fact that You are able in an instant to do all I ask because of Your SPIRIT’s freedom and the strength of His power. I pray for ____.  O SPIRIT, come and surprise (him/her)—impress upon (him/her) that all (his/her) comforts lie treasured up in the promises of CHRIST—that CHRIST provides hope in the darkest situations.

SPIRIT, surprise ____ by enabling (him/her) to come to CHRIST through Your freedom and power. AMEN.