PSALM 89:15-18

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 2.33.51 PM…FATHER, how blessed and happy I am, yes, how fortunate and to be envied for I understand and appreciate Your spiritual blessings. I have accepted Your invitation to walk in the light of Your face (Ps 89:15).

With Your favor my walk is stately and self-assured (ref#68, [Ps 89:15]). I feel in my conscience that You are my FATHER (ref#67, [Ps 89:15]). I shall live in Your acts of kindness and enjoy Your smiles (ref#16, [Ps 89:15]).

Because of You, I rejoice; because of Your righteousness You exalt me (Ps 89:16). You justify me freely from all things; You purify me from all unrighteousness. I am growing in grace and in the knowledge of JESUS now, and at last will be exalted to Your right hand to reign with You forever (ref#15, [Ps 89:16]). In the enjoyment of Your divine favor I grow more wise, more holy, more powerful, and, consequently, more happy (ref #15, [Ps 89:17]).

All I am and have I owe to You (Ps 89:18). All that I rely on as a defense belongs to You or is of You (ref#16, [Ps 89:18]). Since You are my ruler, You are my defender; and who is he then that can harm me (ref#18, [Ps 89:18])?

I am blessed to know the joyful sound—to know I am convened to the place of Your worship (ref#16, [Ps 89:15]).


I am blessed to know the festal shout,

I walk, O LORD, in the light of Your face,

I exult in Your name all the day

and in Your righteousness I’m exalted (Ps 89:15-16).


For You are the glory of my strength;

by Your favor my horn is exalted.

For my shield belongs to You, O LORD,

my very self to the Holy One of Israel (Ps 89:17-18).


I know the festal shout

For I walk in the light of Your face,

You are the glory of my strength

My shield belongs to You, O LORD.