In the beginning GOD… “In…six…days He revealed His power as the Almighty Creator…” R. A. Finlayson (ref#188), but on the seventh day He rested.

Does “rest” mean a nap in the afternoon? It could, but the “rest” GOD speaks of after He created the world does not mean “the cessation of all activities” Arthur W. Pink (ref#177). GOD’s “Sabbath rest consists of resting from the labors of the working week” Arthur W. Pink (ref#177).

“God did work on the seventh day, though His activities on the seventh day were of a different nature from the ones in which He had been engaged during the preceding days” Arthur W. Pink (ref#177). “God’s providential working could not cease, or no provision would be made for the supply of His creatures’ wants. ‘All things’ needed to be ‘upheld’ (Heb 1:3), or they would have passed back into nonentity” Arthur W. Pink (ref#177). “He rested from the work of creation and restoration, but He then began (and has never ceased) the work of Providence—the providing of supplies for His myriad creatures” Arthur W. Pink (ref#177).

“…setting an example to his creature man;…He not only rested on the seventh day, but sanctified it; that is, set it apart to a holy use—to be employed, not in bodily labour…but in the contemplation of the works and attributes of God, and in holding delightful communion with his Maker” Archibald Alexander (ref#175).

Our “rest” then, is not bodily labor unless we call getting ourselves into His presence labor. Communing with GOD by contemplating His works and attributes should constitute a great part of our “rest.”

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