Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.38.29 AM…Forever, O LORD, Your Word stands firm in the heavens (Ps 119:89). Your purposes are all settled above, and they shall all be fulfilled below (ref#15, [Ps 119:89]). FATHER, what You have ordained as law will always remain law—what You have affirmed will always remain true—and, what You have promised will be sure forever (ref#16, [Ps 119:89]).

Your faithfulness, O GOD, extends from one generation to another (Ps 119:90). As with Your everlasting faithfulness to Your promises, You will reign forever, to all generations (Ps 146:10). Your faithfulness is as established as the earth.

Your gracious promises are addressed to people of every age (ref#16, [Ps 119:90]). FATHER, You never change. Your faithfulness is always around You, it attends You at all times for it is a part of Your very nature (ref#16, [Ps 89:8]). You keep faith forever (Ps 146:6). You unchangeably adhere to the fulfilling of Your promises (ref#68, [Ps 146:6]). I thank You, that You are a forever faithful GOD. AMEN.