Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.06.41 PMAdore – to worship, honor highly, love greatly, revere, idolize, respect, prize, treasure, esteem, love to distraction, cherish, admire—these words I read and store in my mind, they all reflect my attitude toward You, FATHER. Morph my thoughts of Your divine perfection into experience that I may actually fellowship with You.


Help me to approach thee…

Thou inhabitest eternity,

and my life is nothing before thee;


Thou dwellest in the highest heaven

and this cannot contain thee;…

Thy power is almighty;…

Thy understanding is infinite;…” The Valley of Vision (ref#76, p84).

FATHER, “interpret Thyself to me…” Oswald Chambers (ref#27, p66). I want to experience You, not concentrate on finding a method to meet You (ref#103, p34).  “Adoration is not seeking the divine presence, but is conscious of it to an unutterable degree, and therefore full of awe and peace…” Charles Spurgeon (ref#104, Day 10). The stars lose themselves in Your glory not making a sound (Ps 19:3). “Be silent, for that is the Absolute” Soren Kierkegaard (ref#137, page xi).

“It [adoration] is the eloquent silence of a soul that is too full for language. To prostrate yourself in the dust in humility, and yet to soar aloft in sublime thought; to sink into nothing, and yet to be so enlarged as to be filled with all the fullness of God; to have no thought and yet to be all thought; to lose yourself in God; this is adoration” Charles Spurgeon (ref#104, Day 10) (brackets mine).

FATHER, manifest Yourself to me (John 14:21). I want the experience of You “happening” to me instead of me just reflecting good thoughts of You and calling it adoration A.W. Tozer (ref#103, p34).