[“Blessed are those who mourn…” (Matt 5:4 NASB). We know people who are grieving; let’s pray for them. Fill the name in the blanks to this prayer.]


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.32.39 PM“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever” (Heb 13:8 NASB).

FATHER, cause ____ never to lose sight of this fact—during grief, there are two things (he/she) can be sure of. One, (his/her) emotions will change. And, two, You won’t (ref#136, p18).

LONGSUFFERING COMFORTER, keep me from saying to ____ something like—“Just hold on GOD will get you through.” I know that is true and (he/she) knows that is true but the experience of it is not there yet. Your comfort does not take away the ache, but FATHER, I pray for ____ to feel Your support in the middle of (his/her) suffering (ref#136, session 1, p2).

And, LORD, urge me to be a sympathetic friend who comes close to understanding the depth of (his/her) grief. Keep me from suggesting (he/she) move faster than (he/she) is going in (his/her) walk of sorrow. (His/Her) one loss brings layer upon layer of losses that (he/she) must acknowledge to (himself/herself) and mourn (ref#136, session 1, p8).

Remind me of some examples of possible losses that I may long suffer with (him/her): “job, home, possession, relationships, companion, confidant, lover, source of laughter, cuddler, cook, mechanic, gardener, shoulder to cry on, walking partner” Church Initiative (ref#136, session 1, p 8). Grief affects every aspect of (his/her) life (ref#136, p19).