screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-2-52-30-pm…FATHER, You have created an entire book describing the specific ways You approach Your lover (Song of Songs). You do everything but stand on Your head to get my attention. A devotional could not hold all the words of assurance You write attempting to prove Your love toward me. But, let me name a few that it may jog my memory and cause me to thank You for Your love that is as strong as death (Song 8:6).

Your love never wanes. When I am happy with myself or when I am disappointed with my actions, it doesn’t affect our relationship for You continually accept me. When I look within I exclaim there is nothing acceptable there but You look at me through CHRIST where everything is acceptable. I am Your “divine delight” (Eph 1:6) Charles Spurgeon (ref#34, Sept 23rd AM).

When my poor faith concludes I am a “baby Christian,” You assure me that I have just as much right to covenant mercies as advanced believers. I am completely justified—my justification is not a thing of degrees.

“…your right to covenant mercies lies not in your growth, but in the covenant itself. Your faith in Jesus is not the measure, but the token of your inheritance in Him” Charles Spurgeon (ref#34, Oct 19th AM).

FATHER, I did not choose You, You chose me (John 15:16). True, I did commit to You but You had my name written in Your book of life before You formed the world.

You have drawn me and will continue in Your faithfulness toward me. Your love is an everlasting love (Jer 31:3). You commit to me forever providing justice, fairness, love and kindness. You will be forever faithful to me no matter what I do (Hos 2:19-20)!

I thank You for all Your assurances You add to Scripture. Even if I am the weakest Christian, in JESUS I am Your child (Gal 4:7).