screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-3-52-15-pm“O Lord,

I stand very much in need

of greater grace,

if You want me to attain that

spiritual frame of mind

that allows no one to keep me from You” Thomas a ‘Kempis (ref#147, p185).

FATHER, You send Your HOLY SPIRIT to quicken me (John 6:63). For I am as one dead (John 5:25).

CHRIST, You work out Your righteousness in me. You make me realize its preciousness.   Your righteousness in obeying perfectly all the law is imputed to me (ref#35, p298).   So I am perfectly accepted by the FATHER (ref#35, p297).

The work of the HOLY SPIRIT is to prepare me for obedience; He enables me to be obedient and brings forth the fruits of obedience (ref#35, p305).

Everything the Triune GOD does for me is to make it possible to be obedient. My obedience to You gives You glory and honor. You give me everything and my only proper response is obedience (ref#35, p306). This is all I can give You. My every other interaction with You is all about receiving from You.

“…divine love…begins with the Father, is carried on by the Son, and then communicated by the Spirit; the Father designing, the Son purchasing, the Spirit effectually working” (ref#35, p302). I ascend “to the Father’s love through the work of the Spirit and blood of the Son” John Owen (ref#35, p302).

The SPIRIT is first, working in my heart giving me an interest in CHRIST’s blood. Then my interest is accepted by the FATHER.

TRIUNE GOD, I adore the labor-intense means You exert Yourself for me. I am triply blessed by Your means—blessed much more than if You would describe Yourself as just “the One GOD who saves me.” You are not a GOD who is far off (Jer 23:23).