screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-3-49-57-pmMy valleys are rising and my mountaintops are falling. I am reaching a plateau where I am able to regard all events the same—constantly possessing that perfect peace staying my mind on Thee (Isa 26:3).

Calamities do not put me in the valley and days of rest no longer put me high on the mountain. Everyday is becoming the same—a day to call upon the LORD for help so I might praise Him for what He gives in that day.

Am learning to take my hands off manipulating the day and reminding myself that thoughts of future comfort to my human nature is useless. There is no happiness in longing for something that may never be.

Calamities have taught me. Because in them I am convinced I cannot carry myself through. In the past I have sat tight and endured calamities by looking forward to better times. But as each calamity comes and goes the realization sets in that my life will never possess constant “better times.”

Reality has set in and I make a habit of calling on the LORD continually. I desire His presence in the good times and bad. I choose Him for my constant companion and look very much forward to seeing Him face to face.

NOTE: As I post this the thought of it seems like priggish piousness. True, I would love to embrace everyday with no anticipation of it being good or bad, but if I was there in 6/1/2012, I am not there now. But, maybe now I am spiritually deeper in others areas than I was in 2012.

This journal entry proves that GOD is longsuffering and is not put off to continually teach me. And it proves the importance of journaling and rereading the journal. If I was there then, I can again get back there.