Chord Progression:  (Am  D  F  Esus)    (Am  F  G  Am)


screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-3-24-35-pmFATHER, You are not a GOD far off (Jer 23:23).

You are long-suffering—

bearing injuries and insults—

enduring trouble for a long time (ref#110, p797).


You are a GOD who practices steadfast love (Jer 9:24).

You are good-hearted (ref#110, p581)—

gracious and pleasant (ref#110, p743)—

kind and generous (ref#110, p581).


You are a GOD at hand (Jer 23:23).

You pay attention—

You are observant—

considerate and devoted (ref#110, p88).


You practice righteousness in all the earth (Jer 9:24).

You are extravagant—

giving more than enough;

You are lavish (ref#110, p765).