Chord Progression:  (C  B  C  Gdim ) (G7  Dm  G7  C )


You are the blessed and only Sovereign (1 Tim 6:15),

regnant—greatest in power

You are predominant—

reigning and ruling (ref#110, p1130).


You do according to Your will (Dan 4:35)—

bringing into effect things automatically—

without further provision being made.

You are self-executing (ref#110, p1218).


None can stay Your hand, O LORD (Dan 4:35).

You are unconstricted—

no one can hold You,

or limit or restrict You (ref#110, p1453).


You are King of kings (1 Tim 6:15).

You outmatch; You outdo (ref#110, p961).

You are the superpower (ref#110, p1344).

For You are LORD of lords (1 Tim 6:15).