Chord Progression:  (C  C+  Am  Bb)  (C  Ab  Gm  C)


screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-2-32-16-pm…FATHER, because You are from everlasting (Ps 103:17),

You are inapprehensible to me.

You cannot be fathomed, grasped—

assimilated or comprehended (ref#110, p680).


Because You inhabit eternity (Isa 57:15),

You are eternally ageless (ref#110, p24),


never changing or varying (ref#110, p675).


Because You are high and lifted up (Isa 57:15),

You are inapproachable (ref#110, p681)—

beyond bounds—

unrestrained and excessive (ref#110, p482).


Because You dwell in a holy place

and also with him who is contrite (Isa 57:15),

You are undescribable (ref#110, p1456);

Your steadfast love is forever (Ps 103:17).