Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.43.47 AM“It is not enough to remember [who God is and what His promises are]; we must hear it again. Prayer is the act in which we hear it again. It is not enough to carry memory verses around with us; we need daily encounter with the resonant voice of God. Prayer is that encounter….We pray. We listen. God speaks his word again—the same word!—and we are restored and renewed in our commitment….Resolve is essential but not enough. In prayer God provides renewal. Prayer is not so much the place where we learn something new, but where God confirms anew the faith to which we are committed” Eugene Peterson (ref#144, loc 1298-1311).

Faith is the thing GOD renews in prayer. Sabbath faith is what He gives to prepare for the week ahead. We need to hear His promises again; we need to hear GOD jog our memory; we need encounters with GOD much more than we think we do. He commands us to keep the Sabbath for good reason:

“I need emancipation; I need to be lifted to another realm; I need a force and a strength and a power that I do not have myself. That is my need, and here is the answer: I am given faith—I am given an outlook and understanding—I am introduced to a source of power…” Martyn Lloyd-Jones (ref#189, Dec 7th).

January 1st is for starting again with resolutions. Mine is to be more diligent in keeping the Sabbath holy. Beginning Sunday I plan to address the Sabbath Day with Sunday and Monday posts.

May GOD show Himself pleased in all your spiritual resolutions this year.