Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.28.49 PM…FATHER, I thank You that I can see Your greatness and love in every flower I look at. But, by that relationship I only comprehend the distance between us—Your power and my inabilities.

But, with the riches of Your grace You have recovered me from a state of enmity to a state of mutual communion and fellowship. You have done this by uniting me together in a covenant of peace ratified by the blood of JESUS. By Your giving and my receiving we can fellowship with each other. Your covenant-giving and my affections toward You binds our wills together (ref#35, p94).

Out of Your vast ocean of love You continually pour out extravagant gifts. You offer such things as a wilderness with entire fields of flowers that bloom without any eye seeing. And You give extravagant gifts to me personally. These gifts make me long to continue to taste Your sweetness and excellencies looking to experience the fullness of Your provided salvation (ref #35, p94). Your kind service to me is Your gifts, my kind service to You is my offerings of praise.


“How precious…are Your thoughts to me, O God!

How great is the sum of them!

If I should count them,

they would be more in number than the sand;…” (Ps 139:17-18 NKJV).


“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” (Ps 139:14 ESV).

“…I will celebrate your kindness…” (Ps 101:1 CEV).

“…Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well” (Ps 139:14 ESV).

“I have seen your power and your glory…”  (Ps 63:2 CEV).