Truth be known, I find it life-saving to hear from GOD. Yet I find myself not interested in Him when life goes smoothly. It certainly is a knee-jerk reaction to handle life when I can handle it. However, when I perceive I need help I look to GOD.

Believing scripture when it says that GOD’s thoughts are not my thoughts (Isa 55:8), I must conclude that seeking GOD’s presence when I’m overwhelmed with a life situation may not be the only time I benefit from His presence. Indeed, it’s true all His commands are for my protection lest I injure myself living with only my thoughts.

I’ve concluded that I need GOD more often than I think I do. Yet, I forget that. So I am challenging myself this new year to explore His command of keeping the Sabbath. I have begun to examine scripture references and comments from SPIRIT-filled authors on the subject and conclude it is a VITAL part of spiritual growth.

“We may rest assured that national prosperity and personal growth in grace, are intimately bound up in the maintenance of a holy Sabbath” J. C. Ryle (ref#13, Vol. One, p42, [Mark 2:23-28]).

Therefore, I am ready to learn more. So I shall put myself to the task of obeying this command publicly through this blog. Sundays I will blog information about the command and Mondays I’ll post a journal entry dealing with the results experienced communing with GOD.

“The Sabbath command is in fact a command to experience joy” John Piper (ref#169).