Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.57.56 AMIt’s 4PM and I’ve failed at keeping the Sabbath:

  • Slide presentation was difficult this morning so worship was only thought of never implemented
  • After church I did speak to one person about spiritual things, but many others I did not
  • After lunch I started reading a good non-fiction Christian book, but fell asleep
  • Then, napped too long

Conclusion: to this point I’ve been in GOD’s presence maybe four seconds


At breakfast I read in 1 John that a Christian should not find GOD’s commands burdensome. I immediately thought of His command to keep the Sabbath holy. This is a very sensitive subject for me since, through my blog, I’m about to showcase myself to the world attempting to keep this commandment.

To keep the Sabbath holy in theory is not burdensome to me. In fact, it is one of my greatest desires, but when thinking of actually doing it, I find no confidence at all. I can’t fathom succeeding. It looms as an impossible task. Keeping the entire day holy boggles my mind.

What faces me right now as the day dwindles is the fear of going into the next week drained of spiritual strength—strength that should come with proper Sabbath-keeping. I know GOD can energize in a nanosecond—propelling me from the valley to the mountaintop in the blink of an eye, but so far this day my human nature has trumped and I’m sitting here with the computer but no GOD.

So, what do I know? I know I have sinned. I could have stopped the frazzle-ment of the morning. And, this afternoon I could have not allowed myself to fall asleep. Yes, but the thought never occurred to me to do that. My sincerity remains intact. Am I excused? Possibly, but certainly GOD’s will is that I do better next Sunday.

I have definitely proved the point that I, within myself cannot be righteous; within myself I cannot keep the Sabbath. I stare at this computer screen sorry for my sins.

Suddenly though, I am able to think about GOD and not my sins. My heart is flabbergasted at all the rich, amazing thoughts my head is holding of His greatness, His never-ending work, His fullness, His coming to me…He has graced me with a nanosecond.