Chord Progression: (C E7 Am D7) (Dm G/D G7 C)


screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-10-42-03-amThe heavens declare Your glory, GOD,

and the sky shows Your handiwork,

exhibiting it across the horizon—

displaying Your craftsmanship (Ps 19:1).


They speak of the glory of Your kingdom

and tell of Your power

to make known Your mighty deeds,

and Your glorious splendor (Ps 145:11-12).


O, the depth of Your riches,

wisdom, and knowledge, O GOD.

How unfathomable are Your judgments;

how undiscoverable are Your ways (Rom 11:33).


Your decisions are unsearchable;

Your methods are inscrutable;

Your paths are mysterious;

they are past finding out (Rom 11:33).


You choose me; I am blessed.

You cause me to approach You

that I may dwell in Your courts.

I shall be satisfied with the goodness of Your house (Ps 65:4).


O LORD, You are my GOD;

I will exalt You; I will praise You’re name,

for You have done great things—

plans formed of old, faithful and sure (Isa 25:1)



Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.17.01 AM…“O SAVIOUR OF SINNERS, Thy name is excellent, thy glory high, thy compassions unfailing, thy condescension wonderful, thy mercy tender” The Valley of Vision (ref#76, p58). FATHER thank You for Your Son.

“The work of our Lord as Priest was two-fold—atonement and intercession. The one He accomplished upon the cross, the other He now transacts upon the throne” Octavius Winslow (ref#61, July 14th).

“There is one…way human beings can reach God. That way is through Christ Jesus, who is himself human” (1 Tim 2:5 NCV). “God sent him to buy freedom for us…so that he could adopt us as his very own children” (Gal 4:5 NLT). “…our High Priest offered himself to God as a single sacrifice for sins, good for all time. Then he sat down in the place of honor at God’s right hand” (Heb 10:12 NLT).

“…He has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself” (Heb 9:26 NKJV). “…He offered himself…as a perfect sacrifice to God. His blood will make our consciences pure from useless acts so we may serve the living God” (Heb 9:14 NCV). “…he set us free from sin forever” (Heb 9:12 NCV).

“Christ…went into heaven…and is there now before God to help us” (Heb 9:24 NCV). “For this reason Jesus had to be made like his brothers in every way so he could be their merciful and faithful high priest…Then Jesus could bring forgiveness for their sins” (Heb 2:17 NCV). “Jesus is the kind of high priest we need. He is holy, sinless, pure, not influenced by sinners, and he is raised above the heavens” (Heb 7:26 NCV). “And now he can help those who are tempted, because he himself suffered and was tempted” (Heb 2:18 NCV). “For our high priest is able to understand our weaknesses. When he lived on earth, he was tempted in every way that we are, but he did not sin” (Heb 4:15 NCV). “Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them” (Heb 7:25 NKJV).

“Christ…is our go-between with God. His obedience and suffering were so perfect that God will not turn him away. Therefore, if we go to God through him, God will not turn us away either” John Piper (ref#92, p72).

“Inasmuch then as we have a great High Priest Who has [already] ascended and passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our…faith in Him]” (Heb 4:14 AMP).




Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.23.16 AM…FATHER, CHRIST, as the Son of GOD, did absolutely everything for Your sake, but as the Son of Man, He did absolutely everything for my sake. For my sake He took my nature upon Himself (1 Tim 3:16). “He took on…a life of prayers, tears, fears” and suffering like me but unlike me He took on all this in perfect obedience “with cheerfulness and delight” (Heb 10:7-8) (ref#35, p249).

For my sake He was obedient to death. He dedicated Himself as a sacrifice—to be killed (John 17:19). What a fearful cup he tasted so I might never have to taste it (Matt 26:39). FATHER, it was a cup full of the curse of the law (Gal 3:13), Your wrath (1 Thes 1:10), and most of all the loss of Your presence (Ps 22:1). He left “his glory, his riches, his ease,” His very life, “to undergo loss, shame, wrath, curse,” and death for me (ref#35, p250). For me!

His interest is that I should be His—that I become a partaker of His glory (1 Pet 5:1). And now He proves His love by His continual care in all my deliverances and afflictions—in all my conditions of sinning and suffering. I am “the apple of his eye, his jewel, his diadem, his crown” John Owen (ref#35, p250).

I am a plant in His garden while the unbelieving world is wilderness. Even if I am “the meanest, debased, weakest and poorest believer on earth,” CHRIST prizes me more than all the rest of the world (ref#35, p251).

“Lord, unto Thee from my full heart my prayers ascend;

To thee will I sing praise….

And for Thy loving grace and truth which hath no end

Will thank Thee all my days” Arthur S. Way (ref#38, p468, [Ps 138:1-2]).



Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.23.26 AM “Thy throne of grace

is the pleasure ground of my soul

Here I obtain mercy in time of need,

Here see the smile of thy reconciled face,…” (ref#76, p150).

FATHER, without CHRIST, You would consume me. But, through Him I have access to You. By Him I receive the ability to fellowship with You. And the affect of that reconciliation is that I’m no longer hostile to You but now have the ability to speak and listen to You peaceably (ref#15, [Rom 5:11]). CHRIST provided this mercy to me by His death—reconciling me to You by the doctrines which He taught and by His intercession in heaven by which I can approach You through Him in His name (ref#16, [Eph 2:18]).

It is CHRIST that gives me an understanding of who You are (1 John 5:20) (ref#35, p217). CHRIST is the One who acquaints me with Your love and kindness, and patience, grace and pardoning mercy. CHRIST is the medium that supports all communication between You and me (John 14:6). Not only do I get to know You through CHRIST, but through CHRIST flows all my returns of love and delight back to You (ref#35, p218).

O LORD, constrain me from taking any steps toward You without CHRIST. For though CHRIST’s work allows me to walk with You, FATHER, I have nothing in common with You. I am darkness; You are light. Remind me again that without CHRIST I would be like dry straw and You a consuming fire. It would be disastrous to approach You without affirming an agreement with You by CHRIST’s blood (ref#35, p216).

FATHER, still me now that I may take in Your provided provisions given to me in CHRIST. Make it my delight to learn more and more of Your gifts through Him.



Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.29.37 AMFATHER, my worship of You rests on You revealing Yourself to me. I would not know the truth about You or be able to relate to You in a personal way, had You not made Yourself known to me. The themes running throughout the Bible are about You, Your attributes, and godliness. It is “the record, interpretation, and expression of Your self-disclosure” The Reformation Study Bible (ref#56, p141, “The Word of God: Scripture as Revelation”).

“Here I see thy greatness and thy grace, thy pity and thy rectitude, thy mercy and thy truth, thy being and men’s hearts; Through it thou hast magnified thy name, and favored mankind with the gospel” The Valley of Vision (ref#76, p192).

This Word of Yours is as true as Your own existence. You and Your Word do not change; everything You have spoken has and will happen (ref#34, July 27th, AM). “I do not need signs and wonders to believe, For thy Word is sure truth” The Valley of Vision (ref#76, p164).

The availability of the Bible makes ignorance no excuse for my actions. Draw me toward Your Holy Scriptures where I may find reason to adore You and live in honor to You, for recalling Your loving activities leads me into worship.



Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 1.59.48 PM“GOD OF ALL SOVEREIGNTY,

Thy greatness is unsearchable,

Thy name most excellent,

Thy glory above the heavens;…” (ref#76, p214).

ALL-PROVIDING FATHER, abundant and extravagant in giving, joy comes to my heart when I experience some aspect of Your creation I find attractive (ref#130, p102). But, there is a greater joy:

“We do not want merely to see beauty…We want…to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of it” C.S.Lewis (ref#130, p119).

“O my God, if Thy creations are so full of beauty, delight and joy, how infinitely more full of beauty, delight and joy art Thou Thyself, Creator of all” Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain (ref#130, p102).

Day by day, FATHER, capture me and turn me lose in the forest of words that describe You so all my senses can dance in Your greatness. Guide my desire toward becoming “bold and glad” in Your superior glory (ref#124, p80).



Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 2.16.30 PM…FATHER, Your Son delighted in the fear of You (Isa 11:3) and Isaiah the prophet predicted it will be Zion’s treasure (Isa 33:6). It is my delight as well. This day give me the ability to recognize some aspect of You that will produce fear.

Understanding the fear of You is to receive Your words and treasure Your commands seeking them intently (Prov 2:1,4,5). You say, the fear of You is the beginning of wisdom—it is insight and understanding (Prov 9:10).

There are two kinds of fear—paralyzing fear and energizing fear. Paralyzing fear comes to people who have no relationship with You when they recognize Your authority over them.

Your presence produces energizing fear though, for a Christian. Fear becomes an excitement waiting for what You will do next.

FATHER, I ask that energizing fear pull me out of my obsession with myself and into Your world of Your surprises (ref#58, p17). With such fear I will easily understand I’m not the center of my existence; (ref#58, p28) nor want to be.

Without some comprehension of You and Your awesome activities, FATHER, everything I do is a self-help project. When You and I are not close I become comfortable with myself and go about my daily business of setting goals and evaluating myself. But energizing fear makes me cast aside my predetermined plans and make an all-out effort to stay close to You (ref#58, p30).

No wonder CHRIST’s delight was the “fear of the LORD” (Isa 11:3). As Son of Man, He needed You, FATHER, minute by minute; His energized fear kept Him receiving miracle after miracle that filled Him with joy as well as moved Him through His earthly life accomplishing all Your will. Energizing fear, obedience, and joy come bundled together.

May I be like the first century church: …in possession of unbroken tranquility, being constantly built up and proceeding on its way in the fear of the Lord… Kenneth S. Wuest (ref#37, p295, [Acts 9:31]).




Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 1.58.40 PMI ascribe to You, GOD, THREE IN ONE, the glory due Your name even though I’m a creature only able to recognize or express a tiny bit of Your glory.   You are perfect and pure (Rev 15:4). My spirit, so inclined to sin, falls prostrate before Your feet to pay honor to You (Rev 19:10). With fear and trembling (Ps 96:9) I gaze upon Your beauty—Your delightful loveliness—Your sweet attractiveness (Ps 27:4).

You bless me by choosing me and causing me to come near that I may dwell in Your presence. You make me satisfied by fearful and glorious things—these things that terrify the wicked but make me sing praises (Ps 65:4,5). Truly, a day in Your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere (Ps 84:10). I spontaneously worship in the splendor of Your holiness (Ps 29:2).



Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.34.43 AM“…His [CHRIST’s] mediation on the throne is as real and indispensable as on the cross….it engages all His time and powers, is His unceasing occupation at the right hand of the Father” Andrew Murray (ref#19, TWENTY-SIXTH LESSON) (brackets mine).

Because in CHRIST the whole fullness of Deity continues to dwell in bodily form giving complete expression of the divine nature (Col 2:9), I will wait for You.

Because Your Son is able to save to the uttermost—completely, perfectly and for all time and eternity those who come to Him (Heb 7:25), I will wait for You.

Because CHRIST is always living to make petition to You and intercede with You and intervene for me (Heb 7:25), I will wait for You.



Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.41.07 PM…FATHER, I am humbled before You that You sent CHRIST not to condemn my wrongs but to make me able to keep Your covenant that You set before me. You purpose that I walk with You in innocence and exact holiness. But, for me sin makes my part of the covenant so clogged with curses and wrath that I cannot take one step forward (ref#35, p 218). Every word that CHRIST spoke in His sermon on the mount (Matt 5-7), assures me I cannot live up to Your requirements. I must have a new way to walk if I’m to walk in holiness with You.

And CHRIST provides just that—a new and living way (John 14:6). But LORD even if CHRIST provides the way, I have no strength to enter the path, so it is not useful to me. Either I will give up on myself or sin will cast me down (ref#35, p218).

But CHRIST not only provides the path but sets me on it and walks with me. CHRIST sets me so firmly on the path that I cannot leave it unless I leave Him. Even if I am a fool, I shall not be able to stray (Isa 35:8). CHRIST will turn my darkness to light and make the rough places smooth enough that I can navigate them (Isa 42:16).

And with CHRIST I am more than a conqueror against my spiritual enemies.   Yes, even more than a conqueror! With Him, I experience more than simple victory, I do not just overcome and go on as before. I overcome plus I have my faith enlarged, my strength increased, and my love for CHRIST expanded (ref #16, [Rom 8:37]).

CHRIST enables me to enter Your path and walk triumphantly on it. I am able to do all things through Him (Phil 4:13). This is to the praise of Your glory.