Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.23.26 AM “Thy throne of grace

is the pleasure ground of my soul

Here I obtain mercy in time of need,

Here see the smile of thy reconciled face,…” (ref#76, p150).

FATHER, without CHRIST, You would consume me. But, through Him I have access to You. By Him I receive the ability to fellowship with You. And the affect of that reconciliation is that I’m no longer hostile to You but now have the ability to speak and listen to You peaceably (ref#15, [Rom 5:11]). CHRIST provided this mercy to me by His death—reconciling me to You by the doctrines which He taught and by His intercession in heaven by which I can approach You through Him in His name (ref#16, [Eph 2:18]).

It is CHRIST that gives me an understanding of who You are (1 John 5:20) (ref#35, p217). CHRIST is the One who acquaints me with Your love and kindness, and patience, grace and pardoning mercy. CHRIST is the medium that supports all communication between You and me (John 14:6). Not only do I get to know You through CHRIST, but through CHRIST flows all my returns of love and delight back to You (ref#35, p218).

O LORD, constrain me from taking any steps toward You without CHRIST. For though CHRIST’s work allows me to walk with You, FATHER, I have nothing in common with You. I am darkness; You are light. Remind me again that without CHRIST I would be like dry straw and You a consuming fire. It would be disastrous to approach You without affirming an agreement with You by CHRIST’s blood (ref#35, p216).

FATHER, still me now that I may take in Your provided provisions given to me in CHRIST. Make it my delight to learn more and more of Your gifts through Him.

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