Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.58.00 PM…FATHER, how profusely I thank You for the institution of corporate prayer (Matt 18:20). Praying with one another not only heightens my concentration, making me learn to be more articulate, but it causes me to be more disciplined, that I might linger longer in Your presence. I can think better and be still longer when I am with others.

But, the most joyous advantage of corporate prayer is to be ushered into the spiritual world by hearing others testify, FATHER, of Your interaction with them. Their witness strengthens my faith and gives me courage.

If I didn’t submit myself to the time of corporate prayer, I would have very little experience with what really goes on in Your spiritual world. My experience plus hearing the experience of others pushes me out of the physical world. The more I think about the spiritual world, the more real it becomes.

I also thank You for corporate prayer for the obvious reason—gathering a long list of prayer requests. This gives me the opportunity to add to my list the names of people others pray for.

Corporate prayer unites me with my brothers and sisters in CHRIST. And Your presence becomes more sure and real as I participate on a regular basis. This kind of prayer does not trumpet its worth until it is experienced. Thank You, FATHER, for the grace of corporate prayer.