Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.28.32 AM…FATHER, because I have died—that is my flesh has died—that is my selfish disposition, let me set my mind on things above (Col 3:2-3). Since I am dead to sin and the world (ref#16, [Col 3:5]), my life now is hidden with CHRIST in You, FATHER (Col 3:3). I am with CHRIST in the glories of His kingdom (ref#16, [Col 3:5]), therefore, remind me that my job is to keep everything that remains of my earthy life subdued (ref#16, [Col 3:5]), i.e. my selfish nature.

I must make a habit of becoming sensitive to flesh’s continual attempt at resurrection. I must be aware of my selfishness, and be ready to lock arms with CHRIST and confront the temptation, which is to do what I want to.

Remind me, LORD, to assess how powerful and desperate my old disposition is to rule me. Flesh desires to live forever just as satan does and satan is behind it’s power. Flesh is a formidable foe that I cannot come close to defeating with my own strength. In fact, my own strength doesn’t even want to defeat flesh.

A short time away from You and Your Word will make me think I alone, in the strength of my flesh, can handle temptation as well as represent You adequately. But, the power outflowing from CHRIST’s resurrection is more than enough to subdue any fleshly work, yet, let my mind drift away from You, and flesh is instantly able to go on a rampage, for it never takes no for an answer (ref#33, p101). Letting the SPIRIT lead out is of the utmost, for it is by the HOLY SPIRIT I am able to keep the deeds of my flesh dead (Rom 8:13).

With my desire to keep my flesh dead and the SPIRIT’s power to accomplish that, is how I can live a victorious life. O FATHER, remind me to be constantly vigilant. Flesh always serves the law of sin; it will never change (ref#33, p102).

SPIRIT, apply the finished work on the cross to me continually, for my flesh is dead only if I keep it subdued. My selfish nature is always ready to break forth to rule at any moment. I plead to be led by You, SPIRIT.