Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.25.40 PMToday I identified myself with Peter in the Matt 16:13-23 story. Animated by the HOLY SPIRIT, he declared JESUS was CHRIST, the Son of GOD and then turned around and doubted JESUS’ words causing CHRIST to call him a “stumbling block” (Matt 16:13-23). That was me this morning.

I’ll begin with the stumbling. Started the car to warm it up which gives me 10 minutes to get myself out the door. The strategy usually works. But today—not . Discovered more things I had to do so I hurried, then slammed, then growled at Jerry. Suddenly a thought stuck: “I’m irritated just like I was Sunday because things are not going my way.” So, my problem is not just Sundays. I verified that conclusion with a little reminiscing.

It sobered me and I responded with a heartfelt apology to GOD. And apologized to Jerry and confessed to my prayer partner since I was warming up the car to go pray with her.

The situation was good for it clued me that I have a deeper more universal sin in myself than I thought. My first clue was anger.

FATHER, please put Your face in front of me the moment I start with anger. I need to be sobered by Your presence.


The exciting thing that happened was a revelation from the SPIRIT over breakfast: Always in the back of my mind is my desire to keep the Sabbath holy and I’ve said it before, conversations before and after church are my biggest problem. I don’t seem to be able to conjure up any affinity for it and am at a lost for a place to begin.

But, as I ate breakfast daydreaming about the process of praying the SPIRIT apprehended me by revealing I could use the same process for conversations as I do with prayer.

When I’m praying with a sister, as she prays her words trigger for me subjects I would like to pray about. So, by the time she is finished I find fixed in my mind the prayer subjects my next prayer can consist of.

The thought about prayer is the answer to my quandary of what to discuss with my fellow believers before and after church and the rest of the day… or for that matter, any day. I can be running across my mind spiritual subjects that relate to what the other person is saying. I just have to teach myself to think spiritually as I listen to conversations. “What can I share that will spiritually encourage or teach?” Please SPIRIT, as You animated Peter, animate me during conversations with my sisters and brothers.