Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 3.23.03 PMJerry thought I was on my way upstairs to take a nap—that’s what I told him. But, I passed by my office and dediced to read. ”I could try it; if I fall asleep then I’ll nap.”

Sunday afternoons usually consist of trying to read and falling asleep. Feeling exhausted, I figured I was about to repeat the scenario. So far the day was playing out like most Sundays—until…

I chose a book about the HOLY SPIRIT:

“The Church still has a theology of the Holy Ghost but it has no living consciousness of His presence and power….The answer is in the demonstration of a supernatural religion, and the only way to a supernatural religion is in the abiding presence of the Spirit of God” Samuel Chadwick (ref#195, p18-19).

This knowledge was nothing new but by hearing it again the spiritual coals inside me became a flame. I was no longer tired. I felt ecstatic like I do when I’m confronted with a situation I’ve been longing to repeat.

“Perfect, this is perfect. GOD is meeting me this Sunday. I won’t fall asleep and will have something neat to record in my journal.”


And, what happened next? I fell asleep reading; woke and tried to stay awake but after repeating the scenario many times, gave up and went off to nap.

I did eventually get up but walked past my office and the book to set up the keyboard and speaker. With nap over the HOLY SPIRIT was still burning and it was music that drew me.

I had recently discovered a much easier way of learning a new song—playing it with someone else. I would play and sing with the Youtube version. The short pre-nap reading about the HOLY SPIRIT, was influencing me.

Someone who only leads occasionally lead worship this morning. It was a certain song lingered upon that reminded me of my rare abandon worship that only takes place in a large worship gathering where everything is so loud that I cannot hear myself. At that moment I realized how anemic my worship had been lately. Yes, I realized my longing for HOLY SPIRIT inspired worship—a heart revival—something I could dive into with abandon.

Youtube is the music to keep me in worship: steady beat, never stopping because of mistakes, able to continue to the end of the worship song, enabling me to stop singing and just play or stop playing and just sing, and sing any note in the chord… and be one with the Youtube singers. And… SING at the top of my voice! WORSHIP REVIVAL!