Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.57.15 AM“A good conscience is that which is well informed in regard to what is right, and where its dictates are honestly followed” Barnes’ Notes (ref#16, [1 Tim 1:19]).

FATHER, You have placed inside me a barometer that reveals to me if I am following You or going astray. Conscience testifies to all the ways I am rebellious to CHRIST (ref#101, p110). It renders me uneasy when I fall short of Your glory. My conscience together with my intuition will protest immediately any inclination that is displeasing to the HOLY SPIRIT (ref#101, p106).

How I thank You, FATHER, for a conscience. Without it I would replace Your will for laudable deeds to my liking. I would argue with You that what I propose to be is “better, broader in scope, more profitable and greater in influence” Watchman Nee (ref#101, p111-112).

Sober me with the fact that my actions can increase the sensitivity of the conscience or decrease it. If I disregard it by turning toward reason or rationalization conscience’s voice will be softer (ref#101, p114). In fact, if I don’t purge everything conscience tells me is contrary to You, I will lose my fellowship with You instantly (ref#101, p118).

Since conscience is Your deputy in my soul, help me to be as careful not to offend it as I am not to offend a friend. FATHER, it is my duty to willingly work to have a conscience that doesn’t misinform me, nor flatter me, nor deal deceitfully with me (ref#18, [Acts 24:10-21]).

“If I am in the habit of steadily facing myself with God, my conscience will always introduce God’s perfect law and indicate what I should do….I have to make an effort to keep my conscience so sensitive that I walk without offense” Oswald Chambers (ref#7, May 13th).