Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.16.13 PM…ALL-GIVING FATHER, I extol You for supporting the SPIRIT as He provides illumination to me. Sin attacks my mind and will in such ways that I miss or resist the force of Your Word (ref#56, p1646, “Illumination and Conviction”).

Praise to You, SPIRIT; You reveal Scripture in an understanding way. By reading Scripture on my own I become familiar with its content but cannot apply it to my life. You, SPIRIT, set me on the wave of truth that flows into my heart (ref#56, p1646, “Illumination and Conviction”) where it can be applied to my life.

SPIRIT, I am also humbled by Your ability to bring me to repentance and satisfy me with the FATHER’s assurance of His grace and certainty of His everlasting favor (ref#56, p1646, “Illumination and Conviction”). I thank You for Your constant care of my needs; You surprise me by Your closeness the moment You illuminate sin that I am not aware of.   I will find You through the Word, prayer, meditation, and as I battle to live by the light You give (ref#56, p1646, “Illumination and Conviction”).

“I am bell and He is sure wind, and He moves and I am rung and I know it for what it is…” Ann Voskamp (ref#130, p60).