screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-4-09-42-pmFATHER, as I was reading for the umpteenth time the story of King Saul bringing back from battle King Agag of the Amalekites and all the best livestock when he was suppose to devote everything to destruction (1 Sam 15:1-23), I wondered if I still do the same—sacrifice to You instead of obey. Has my time with You in reading and writing spiritual subjects just retooling the same old thoughts? Am I going in circles sacrificing instead of obeying? I could be using the writing time sitting at Your feet—worshipping and thanking You but instead I continue writing, saying writing keeps me close to You.

I laughed today as I had my Bonnie’s Resource Manual, Vol 1 and 2 (ref#218) out, that I compiled back in 1997, looking for some info to send to a friend. What a good song and scripture and chord sets collection. Since I don’t have time to use it, I thought maybe GOD would let me take it to heaven.

What a marvelously wonderful thought—taking my Resource Manual to heaven. I have complied and written all my life; in heaven I would have an eternity to use my writing as a resource to praise GOD! Write it now for me—use it in heaven for GOD. Create now, express in heaven.

Who knows what heaven will be like but it would give me endless joy to express back to GOD all that He has prompted me to write here on earth. Here on earth I create words to bring GOD joy in heaven. If so, heaven has begun for me.

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