Chord Progression: (C G7 Am Dm/F) (G Am/G G7 C)



screen-shot-2017-02-18-at-4-15-30-pmIs there a GOD besides my GOD?

There is no other Rock, not any (Isa 44:8).

You are the first and the last;

besides You there is no GOD (Isa 44:6).


You are GOD, there is none like You (Isa 46:9),

declaring the end from the beginning,

letting me in on Your plans—

accomplishing all Your purpose (Isa 46:10).


Saying, “My counsel shall stand.”

“I have spoken;

I will bring it to pass;

I will do it” (Isa 46:10-11).


You are the Strong GOD—the Almighty.

Help me walk before You,

blameless and wholehearted—

Living entirely before You (Gen 17:1).


There is none who can deliver from Your hand;

You work and no one can turn it back—

None can hinder or reverse it (Isa 43:13).

You are the LORD, my Redeemer (Isa 43:14).

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