[Because we are Christians and live in the world we will always need prayer for our walk and for witnessing to others about CHRIST. Here’s an opportunity to pray for others or even ourselves. Fill their name or your name in the blanks.]


FATHER, Christianity will always be perceived negatively to the general population. No one walks into a church or crusade without an initial drawing from You. No one seeks You on their own (Ps 14:1-3) so any words ____ speaks about You in public will fall on the ears of those who are naturally prejudiced against Christianity. “The once born never understand the twice-born…” A. W. Tozer (ref#103, p40). At best, (his/her) words will be foolishness to them. It is just as hard to witness in the middle of a Muslim nation as it is in a western country. FATHER, unless You change hearts ____’s words will be met with hostility.

CHRIST’s words divided the crowds. To His sheep (the ones who listened), His words brought a softness and an intrigue; but to the goats (the self-righteous and independent) His words spurred violence toward Him.

____’s mission field that You have given (him/her) are the ones whose road leads to hell and they don’t know it. Mobilize (him/her) for truth-speaking that will blast people off the destructive road. FATHER, make ____’s words like fire—like a hammer that breaks rock into pieces (Jer 23:29).   Drive ____ to speak so truthfully that immediately (he/she) will be able to recognize the sheep from the goats.

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