Chord Progression: (C Gsus G C) (C F C G7)


O LORD, whenever I come into Your presence

I am taken back by Your greatness—

by Your willingness to be found by me—

by my discovery of more and more greatness.


Your presence clothes me in humility—

for You are clothed with splendor and majesty,

I affectionately bless and gratefully praise You,

GOD, my GOD, how gloriously robed You are (Ps 104:1)


No one can count the number of beings You have made—

no one can comprehend the variety—

no two are alike; individually is everywhere

O LORD, how varied are Your works (Ps 104:24)!


All creatures look expectantly to You;

they all depend on You to give them food.

They have no other ground of hope but Thee;

nothing is haphazard in Your ways (Ps 104:27).


I rejoice in You, LORD;

may all my thoughts be pleasing to You (Ps 104:34).

Let me sing as long as I live—

sing praises to You my whole life long (Ps 104:33).




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