Chord Progression: (Am G F Em) (Dm C Dm Am)


“The Lord reigns,

He is clothed with majesty;

The Lord is clothed,

He has girded Himself with strength.


Surely the world is established,

so that it cannot be moved” (Ps 93:1 NKJV).

“…give glory and honor and thanks to him…

who lives forever and ever,” (Rev 4:9 ESV).


“…’Behold, this is (my) God;

(I) have waited for him, that he might save (me)…”

(Isa 25:9 ESV).

“In Him…(I) have obtained an inheritance,…

according to the counsel of His will,” (Eph 1:11 NKJV).


You, LORD, reign

You are clothed with majesty

You are clothed,

And have girded Yourself with strength.

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