Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.11.55 PM…FATHER, without Your SPIRIT I have no sense of what sin is. My natural conscience tells me that such things as murder and theft are wrong actions (ref#18, [John 16:7-15]). If I only confess my wrong action, repent of it, believing with a hoping-its-true faith that CHRIST makes me righteous again, I will remain unchanged.

And, being unchanged I will automatically use my own efforts to try to not sin in that way again. But that will only produce a merry-go-round scenario since my own efforts will fail and I’ll have to confess again, and again, and again. This circling process showcases my unbelief in JESUS. I believe my job is to stop sinning without the help of CHRIST. When I, in my own strength, attempt to change my actions my heart remains unchanged.

But, the supernatural work of the SPIRIT convinces me that the true reason why sin continues to reign in me is because I am not by faith united to CHRIST (ref#18, [John 16:7-15]). FATHER, I want to be filled with a sense of my weakness not of my own strength to overcome. Lead me away from this “repenting and resolving to do better.”

Prevail upon me to rest in the presence of CHRIST. Delay me until the SPIRIT can instruct me as to what to do during my confession time.

Without the SPIRIT, I only “act” as if I love my neighbor (Gal 3:3). Without the help of the SPIRIT, ordinary impulses control me and in that unrighteousness I attempt to demonstrate outwardly what I don’t possess inwardly. Waiting in the presence of CHRIST the SPIRIT has the ability to illuminate my heart and reveal its attitude.  He may prove to me I am jealous or have a critical spirit toward my neighbor (ref#100, p94).

“As we rest as sinners in that low place, Jesus pours into our hearts His own love for that other person, a love that will sometimes send us to that person to put things right with him, and He gives us a forbearance toward him that was never there before” Roy and Revel Hession (ref#100, p94).

FATHER, reinforce all Your will for me in confession. It is not only a time to confess but a time to be humbled and a time to rest until, in the presence of CHRIST, I comprehend the entire scope of my sin. Guide me to hold out for Your “love, patience, and victory” that will change my heart (ref#100, p94).

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