Chord Progression: (C C/E F F7) (D/F# C/G G7 C)


GOD, You are the living GOD,

GOD, You endure forever;

Your kingdom shall never be destroyed,

and Your dominion shall be to the end.


You deliver and You rescue;

You work signs and wonders

in heaven and on the earth.

GOD, You are the living GOD (Dan 6:26-27).


No god is like my GOD,

descending from the heavens,

riding through the clouds

to come to my aid (Deut 33:26).


You, LORD GOD, keep faith forever,

You always do what You say—

keeping every promise,

always to be relied on (Ps 146:6).


You are slow to anger,

Huge in loyal love,

Forgiving iniquity and rebellion,

But never whitewashing sin (Num 14:18).


Your name and Your remembrance

are the desire of my soul,

I wait for You eagerly (Isa 26:8).

My spirit seeks You diligently (Isa 26:9).



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