Prayer Facts:

“God has decreed the means as well as the end, and among the means is prayer….It is God’s purpose that His will shall be brought about by His own appointed means, and that He may do His people good upon His own terms, and that is, by the ‘means’ and ‘terms’ of entreaty and supplication” A.W. Pink (ref#152, p137-138).

Reasons for Waiting for GOD:

Because there are three that bear witness in heaven: the FATHER, the WORD, and the HOLY SPIRIT (1 John 5:7), I will wait for You.

Because in Your hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind (Job 12:10), I will wait for You.

Because You will remember Your covenant forever (Ps 111:5), I will wait for You.

Read Through the Bible in a Year: April 22nd – 28th

Apr 22            1 Sam 27; 1 Chron 9; 1 Cor 9

Apr 23            1 Sam 28-29; Ps 24

Apr 24            1 Sam 30-31; 1 Chron 10; 1 Cor 10

Apr 25            2 Sam 1; Ps 140

Apr 26            2 Sam 2; 1 Chron 11; Ps 142

Apr 27            2 Sam 3; 1 Chron 12; 1 Cor 11

Apr 28            2 Sam 4-5; 1 Cor 12

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