Chord Progression: (Am  E/B  C  Dm6)  (Am/E  F  Ebdim  D7)


In all the earth Your name is majestic (Ps 8:1);

You stand out from the rest;

You are salient, LORD (ref#110, p1184)

and cannot be conceived in my mind (ref#110, p1458).


You have set Your glory above the heavens (Ps 8:1),

making You prominent, noticeable and admirable (ref#110, p1184, 17).

You inspire reverence, fear and wonder (ref#110, p96).

To me, You are just unimaginable (ref#110, p1458).


You do marvelous things, yes LORD (Isa 29:14),

for You are wondrous and extraordinary (ref#110, p1536),

supernatural and miraculous—

stupendous (ref#110, p865).


For You do astonishing things (Isa 29:14)—

surprising, surprising (ref#110, p1536),

Indeed, You are splendid and excellent (ref#110, p17)—

simply awesome (ref#110, p96).