“All of life is meant to reflect the infinite value of Christ” John Piper (ref#124, p115).

FATHER, if I bring glory to CHRIST in every circumstance then my attitude should be the same in both easy and hard circumstances. I pray to choose to not let this difficult circumstance affect my countenance negatively at all.

If I am entirely void of self-love, I can be plunged into an abyss full of tribulation without exciting any emotion in myself (ref#128, p459). FATHER, give me enough confidence in You that my natural frightened, angry emotion will evaporate.

Stay my mind on You (Isa 26:3). The bride in the Song of Solomon delights in attempting to describe her divine Bridegroom (Song 5:10-16); make this my work.

Empower me to rehearse the qualities of the heavenly Bridegroom. Make it sensible to me that joy can come when I recount His excellencies which are the most important to me (ref#128, p463).   And, with the praise welling up because of such activity, push me ahead that I may exclaim, “He is superior to all attributes and qualities” Madame Guyon (ref#128, p463).

FATHER, give me a revelation of CHRIST so shocking that I focus on CHRIST and forgets my tribulation. Cause worldly thought to be silenced with the captivating love of CHIRST (ref#128, p463). May my words to CHRIST simply be, “You are altogether lovely” (Song 5:16). May I be so humbled with my relationship with CHRIST that I be unmoved in any situation.