Chord Progression:  (Cmaj  Ebm6  Cmaj  C6)  (E7  Am7  Ddim  G7)


You, LORD, are a great and awesome GOD (Dan 9:4).

You are amazing—

Surprising and astonishing (ref#110, p42).

You are to me highly remarkable (ref#110, p1013)


You keep Your covenant and steadfast love toward me (Dan 9:4)—

causing me great joy and delight

as you are entrancing and ravishing (ref#110, p1116)—

definitely worthy of my high praise (ref#110, p1294).


You are GOD of both heaven and earth (Deut 4:39).

Lofty, stately and majestic (ref#110, p816)—

You are splendid, exquisite and glorious (ref#110, p1294).

Excellent and dignified, You are (ref#110, p1294, 816).


There is no other GOD—none (Deut 4:39)!

To me You are phenomenal and extraordinary (ref#110, p1013)—

superb, noble and rich.

You are extremely fine—magnificent (ref#110 ,p1343).