Chord Progression:  (C C6  Cmaj  C6)  (C  G+/Eb Cmaj  C6)


FATHER, let me speak of Your awesome deeds (Ps 145:6).

They are outstanding and illustrious—

distinguished and famous (ref#110, p673).

They are beyond debate (ref#110, p1456).


Your deeds are beyond the range of my perception—

outside my senses.

They are supersensible (ref#110, p1344),

and undisputable—beyond arguing (ref#110, p1456).


The LORD my GOD is great (Deut 7:21)—

astonishingly great.

You are stupendous—overwhelming (ref#110, p1331)—

deserving glory (ref#110, p575).


LORD GOD, You are my GOD (Deut 7:21).

You are resplendent—dazzling—

full of brightness (ref#110, p1144)—

splendid, magnificent, and glorious (ref#110, p575).