Chord Progression:  (Am7  G  Abdim  Am7)  (Fmaj  Em7  Dm7  G7)


Your throne, O GOD, is forever and ever (Ps 45:6)

for You are perpetual—

continuing indefinitely,

and eternally permanent (ref#110, p1006).


You are unquenchable (ref#110, p1462)

and cannot be emptied or used up;

You are tireless (ref#110, p691)—

unable to be subdued or overcome (ref#110, p1462).


CHRIST, You are all and in all (Col 3:11)—

existing outside the experience of man.

You exceed normal bounds (ref#110, p1344)

and certainly are inexhaustible (ref#110, p691).


For You are supernatural (ref#110, p1344)—

vast, extensive and great—

You are not confined or limited (ref#110 p1284)

but forever immortal (ref#110, p675).