…FATHER, I tend to create scenarios in my head—planning how I want a situation to turn out. Even though You have regenerated me, giving me a moral character that desires to magnify You, I still carry in me a natural tendency to make my own self the hero of my thoughts. When I make plans I have my self-interest in mind even as I fanaticize about doing great Christian things.

You created me incapable of perceiving how to glorify You. Instead, what You have created me capable of is to grasp the knowledge of JESUS CHRIST and Him crucified (1 Cor 2:2). Presuming I know anything more about Your ways is pure pompousness.

Let me voice the truth to You, FATHER: I stumble through life, moving from pride to pride, oblivious, while You go about Your business. You simply make my blunders work out for Your good. No wonder You cause my premeditations never to happen.

FATHER, I desire to occupy my mind with remembrances of You, since You have hidden Your work from me as You do it. You pass by producing miracles but I don’t recognize them. You are in the earthquake and fire but I only come to know what You’ve done after the fact. As You did for Moses, You show me Your glory after You pass by and remove Your hand that covers me (Ex 33:18-23).

I ask that You erect a “stop” sign in my spirit when I start with premeditation. Empower me to pull my thoughts away from myself and on to reviewing what I have recently seen looking behind You. Open my eyes to the wonderful things CHRIST has done so that my wisdom will perish and my discernment will be overpowered (Isa 29:14) and I won’t occupy my mind with premeditation—seeing how worthless such is.