“When we devote ourselves to [God] service and worship, meditating on His excellency, magnifying and praising His mercy, and invoking His holy name, we then hallow this day and give unto God that which is God’s” Ezekiel Hopkins (ref#184).

The prophet Jeremiah was instructed by the LORD to warn the people (Jer 17:19-27).

“Thus says the Lord, “Pay attention for your own good, [and for the sake of your future] do not carry any load on the Sabbath day or bring anything in through the gates of Jerusalem” (Jer 17:21 AMP).

“…the ruin of the Jews attributed to the breach of the Sabbath; as this led to a neglect of sacrifice, the ordinances of religion, and all public worship, so it necessarily brought with it all immorality. This breach of the Sabbath was that which let in upon them all the water of God’s wrath” Adam Clarke’s Commentary (ref#15, [Jer 17:21]).

“Apparently the Sabbath day was kept negligently. The country people were in the habit of coming to Jerusalem on the Sabbath to attend the temple service, but mingled traffic with their devotions, bringing the produce of their fields and gardens with them for disposal. The people of Jerusalem for their part took (Jer 17:22) their wares to the gates, and carried on a brisk traffic there with the villagers. Both parties seem to have abstained from manual labor, but did not consider that buying and selling were prohibited by the fourth commandment” Barnes’ Notes (ref#16, [Jer 17:19-27]).

Do we today carry on business on the Sabbath? Do we advocate our wares on Facebook on Sunday? Or do we even advertise in church? For years I have made sure I had a few business cards in my notebook in case someone might ask me about my blog.

O FATHER, forgive us; the desecration of Your holy day starts so unintentionally. Forgive our nation’s sin for which we are partakers ever so innocently. We will most surely suffer Your wrath if You do not help us!

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